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From concept to reality

"Thanks for a truly unique experience and for challenging me! I have been reflecting on what a great experience yesterday was, it's such a great course."

They say that when you start a business you have to take the ups with the downs and enjoy ALL of the journey (easier said than done until you have signed contracts!?). We have always had every belief that after much talking about our experiences and ideas, designing and refining, we had a great concept. But even the strongest belief can waver when you are still new, when you put yourselves out there and no one has seen what you have to offer yet, while your concept is just that, a concept. Which is why last week was a hugely positive milestone for TrueNorthDevelopment - we had real people on our (now very real!) programme. It was nerve-wracking, it was exciting, and it went, well, brilliantly! I think Pete and I felt all the emotions in the space of a week as we pulled back the curtain...and any worries and stresses we had up until then were immediately balanced (and then some!) by the feedback we received. One of the challenges we were facing was that you can't do your own homework and write your reviews, but we are beyond proud to share these snippets from the group:

"Thanks to you both for the opportunity - It's been great and a really good insight into the benefits of Strengths and collaborative working"

"Great experience!...Thanks for asking us, got loads out of it! The whole thing has been really awesome!"

"Thanks for inviting us to be part of such a unique experience"

"I think you've put together something really interesting and different"

"Awesome, awesome, awesome - a great experience!"

Thank YOU to last weeks group for being part of our journey. We know Strengths will continue to be a part of yours.

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