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Talent Management

Unleash the Hidden Potential of Your People with Our Game-Changing Solutions 


Let Your Organisation Soar with Our Expert People-Centric Consultancy Services

Training and Development

Our SEEDS of Excellence programme has everything you need to provide organisation-wide development for your people.

L&D Strategy

Achieve Intentional Excellence with True North's Visionary 'Director of L&D' Service

Unleash the Hidden Potential of Your Workforce with Our Game-Changing Solutions

We can help you prepare for future business success by unlocking the talent and expertise within your workforce. With our innovative solutions, expert guidance, and effective development programmes, we support companies on their journey to high performance and intentional excellence.

Talent Management

Our talent management services help organisations identify and unlock the skills and maximise the potential of their employees. With Gallup Strengths at it's core, watch your people reach new heights while achieving your organisational goals.


With customised solutions designed just for you, we know we're your perfect fit.


Watch your organisation soar with the power of a people-centric approach! Our expert consultancy services, fuelled by decades of military and corporate experience, will supercharge your HR strategy, organisational development, and people plans.


For unmatched results, get in touch today.

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Training and Development

A subscription-based hybrid development programme tailored to all levels of an organisation, Seeds of Excellence offers comprehensive content that aligns people’s development with their natural talents for maximum success. Combining digital content and immersive and gamified application workshops, SEEDS effectively and impactfully develops the 7 universal competencies for success.

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L&D Strategy 

Develop a visionary learning and development strategy with True North's innovative 'notional Director of L&D' service. We understand the power of an effective L&D plan and are dedicated to providing our expert guidance and support to organisations seeking to enhance their training initiatives.


With our commitment to results-driven solutions and future-focussed approaches, you can trust True North to help steer your organisation towards intentional excellence.

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Help Us Help Others

Don't forget, with every booking, you're contributing to free coaching to those in need.


Elevate your success and make a lasting impact—book now.

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