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You can be the difference in 2024

In a world where opportunities are not equally distributed, many individuals face barriers to personal and professional growth. Recognising this gap, for every £5000 in revenue generated, we commit to providing free Gallup Strengths coaching to individuals facing disadvantage.


This isn't just a transaction; it's a transformation with far-reaching effects.



Unleashing Potential, Creating Ripples of Change: Our Society Initiatives

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to excel and that discovering and applying our innate strengths is the key to this. We believe that providing free Strengths coaching is about more than just individual success; it's about creating a positive societal impact that ripples through society. We know that together we can make a difference.

You can help change someone's life


  • Book one of our services*

  • Donate 


  • Either nominate a charity recipient, or we can do it for you


  • Know you have made a conscious step to improve someone's life

Computer Programmers

The session made me realise so many things about myself and since then have been working a lot more to my strengths. its been interesting seeing how much more efficient I am when I put different strengths of mine to the front and use them in my job and college. Its also led to my anxiety calming down a lot as I know how to control certain traits that may have caused that, thanks to advice I had received during the session. All I all I really enjoyed the session and the advice given was very eye opening and helpful.

Coachee, Wigan Youth Zone

Whilst supporting your ESG/CSR Initiatives

By partnering with us, you'll not only directly contribute to uplifting communities but you'll also contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda. It's a strategic way to align business success with social responsibility and initiate a ripple effect of positive change.

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