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Unleash Your Team's Excellence

Join the Strengths Trail: Our 2 day residential programme that  guarantees high performance.

"Embark on a transformative journey with the Strengths Trail. Uncover your unique strengths through the Gallup Strengths assessment, conquer the Da Vinci challenges, and explore the depths of a disused Slate Mine."

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Why choose the Strengths Trail?

Day 1: Begin the quest with the Da Vinci Experience

The Da Vinci Experience

Engage in innovative challenges with our Da Vinci Experience, where teams blend creativity, problem-solving, and effective communication to overcome obstacles. It's not just team-building; it's a creative journey of discovery.


Solve the puzzles by applying your Strengths and working together as a team. It's like an escape room in the wild.

Day 2: Finish the quest in the Mine

The Mine Adventure

Embark on a captivating second-day adventure within the depths of a disused Slate Mine. This distinct experience propels teams to unprecedented heights, introducing surprises that infuse excitement and challenge into every moment.


Delve deep into the mountain's heart, where the exhilarating rush awaits as you navigate and conquer the legend's challenges in an unforgettable journey through the dark and mysterious environment.

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Pricing includes all of the following:


  • 12 x CliftonStrength diagnostic & 2 hour Strengths Discovery sessions

  • Sole occupancy of the mountain retreat for 12

  • 2 lunches, evening meal and breakfast for 12

  • Evening drinks package for 12

  • Da Vinci Experience on Day 1

  • Mine Adventure on Day 2

  • 3 free coaching sessions for a charity recipient

All this for just

*Based on a booking of  12 people
** The included food & accommodation is a mountain lodge using dormitory style rooms.
Tailored packages are available (e.g hotels) at additional cost

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Don't forget, with every booking, you're contributing to free coaching to those in need.


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