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Behind the Scenes: Discover the People and Stories Driving Our Purpose

Our team is fuelled by a relentless commitment to high performance, potential, and a shared purpose of improving lives. Every decision we make and every solution we deliver is guided by these values, empowering us to consistently achieve and exceed our goals

What, Why and How

WHAT True North do:

We unleash excellence by identifying and maximising the untapped potential in individuals, teams, organisations and society


WHY we do it:

We believe everyone has the capacity for greatness when they discover and apply their natural strengths, and that this has the potential to change the world for the better


HOW we do it:

•As Gallup-certified Strengths coaches we provide performance Strengths coaching

•Through our Strengths Trail, we harness the powers of both the great outdoors and positive psychology to accelerate the path to high performing teams

•Using our True Performance Model we design and deliver bespoke learning and talent programmes which leverage natural Strengths to deliver excellence

•Through our giving back pledge we support Care Experienced young people by linking the sale of our services to the provision of free coaching and attendance on the Strengths Trail

Client Case Studies


When Smartsearch approached us for our ideas about developing a future leaders programme, we knew we had just the solution. With Strengths at its heart, we developed a programme that identifies and develops these hidden gems. This is what one of the applicants had to say.

"It's great that it gives the opportunity to people to get their voices heard when they ordinarily wouldn't (eg those not in management positions). I love the idea of offering and encouraging those to suggest their ideas/improvements to the company and investing in helping us to put these ideas into place if selected - it shows the importance that the company places in their staff"

NRB Chartered


We're working with NRB to help them realise their ambitious people-centric strategy. They are blazing the trail to reimagine what an accountancy firm looks like in the future, and we're so excited to support them on their journey. We're providing Strengths Coaching and delivered leadership workshops to help the management teams understand how to leverage theirs and each others natural Strengths

"Been an absolute pleasure to work with True North Development. The leadership team have found it hugely rewarding and insightful and we look forward to the next stages with our wider team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys for any forward thinking leadership and management teams looking to strengthen and focus their development."

Meet the team

As self-confessed high Learners, Developers and Achievers, we are driven to continually self-improve and this has led to a wealth of qualifications - we don't like to shout about them too much, but the ones we think you should know about are:

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches

  • Certified Mountain Leader

  • Executive Coach

  • Hogan and EQi accreditations

  • MSc in Education Practice and Innovation

  • CIPD in Learning and Development Practice

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Here's a bit more about each of our journeys towards our own True North:

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