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A one-day immersive workshop blending puzzle-solving excitement, team collaboration, and goal-focused Strengths coaching

Unlock Your Team's Potential with Strengths Escape

"Embark on a transformative journey with Strengths Escape, a dynamic one-day workshop that goes beyond traditional team-building. Part of our Enhanced Team Performance offering, this immersive experience is designed to unleash the collective potential of your team, blending excitement, collaboration, and strategic insights."

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Why choose the Strengths Escape?



Pricing includes all of the following:


  • 12 x CliftonStrength diagnostic & 2 hour solo Strengths Discovery sessions

  • 1 day workshop

  • 12 x High Performing Individuals

  • 1 x High Performing Team

  • 1 free coaching session for a charity recipient

All this for just

*Based on a booking of  12 people

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Don't forget, with every booking, you're contributing to free coaching to those in need.


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