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At True North Development we offer a range of coaching services to meet your needs. Delivered by Certified coaches, our aim is always to help you discover and apply your natural talents and become intentionally excellent at what you do.

Coaching Services

Gallup Strengths Coaching

Starting with Strengths

Understanding your strengths to find your True North

90 mins

Developing Strengths

Intentional excellence by aiming your strengths


60 mins

Leading with Strengths

How to leverage strengths to increase team performance


90 mins


Using strengths to drive collaboration 




Starting with Strengths - finding your True North (90 mins)

There is only a 1 in 34 million chance that you will have the same Top 5 Strengths as someone else. This not only makes you unique, it makes you incredibly valuable to your friends, family, employers and society. It also means that there is a lot for us to understand about ourselves before we can actively use our Strengths to our advantage. This session will give you an overview of the Psychology behind Strengths and give you a thorough understanding of your unique patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that you can develop them into true Strengths.


Our aim as coaches is to boost your self-awareness and confidence in being authentically you.

Using Strengths to find your True North
Business Consultation

Developing your Strengths - Planning your Journey (60 mins)

Building from your Starting with Strengths session, your coach will explore past examples of how your Strengths have shown up in your personal and/or work life, building your pride in your profile before then actively aiming your unique talents at the things you want to achieve - whether this is a new  job, improved interpersonal relationships or better wellbeing. (Don't worry - our experienced coaches can help you work out your goal if you do not already have one in mind.)  We can help you be intentionally excellent at whatever you choose to do.


Positive psychology says that anyone can do anything, you just need to understand the unique route you will take to get there in the best way for you.


Leading and Managing with Strengths
(90 mins)

For team leaders, managers, business leaders, group leaders - anyone who needs to in some way look after, motivate and drive performance in groups of people. Our Strengths form a lens through which we see the world, how we react in different situations and how we naturally approach other people. This session explores the impact of your profile on your leadership style and how you can effectively lead others who have profiles that are different to your own by playing to both your own and their Strengths.

Office Meeting
Friendly Business Team

Team & Paired Strengths coaching
(duration on quotation)

We can also facilitate paired and Team based sessions to explore Strengths partnerships and how to effectively allocate work and responsibilities for excellent results. Contact us to find out more.


EQI Coaching

EQI Coaching
(Duration on Quotation)

Emotional Intelligence measures your ability to cope and deal with daily environmental pressures and demands. It has been proven to supersede IQ in terms of its ability to predict success in the workplace. EI has an immeasurable impact on the workplace and countless applications such as:

  • Recruitment

  • Coaching

  • Team Building

  • Succession Planning

  • Development

  • Training

  • Conflict Resolution

The report you receive provides you with your overall results, and presents these using the five EQ composite areas: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management. The report also provides a detailed interpretation of how effectively you are using the 15 EQ competencies and how, by balancing these competencies, you can significantly improve your well-being, workplace and leadership performance, interpersonal relationships and communication.

Teen Psychologist

Executive Coaching

Business Conference

Executive Coaching
(Duration on quotation)

We have coaches who can work with senior business leaders and executives to increase self-awareness, application and ability to lead and inspire others. This can be through general leadership coaching and/or using Hogan assessments which can look at one or more of:

- HPI - The Hogan Personality Inventory describes normal, or bright side personality – qualities that describe how we relate to others when we are at our best

- HDS - The Hogan Development Survey describes the dark side of personality – qualities that emerge in times of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail people's chances of success. In many cases these are actually overplayed strengths that we become over-reliant on.

- MVPI - describes personality from the inside – the core goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine what we desire and strive to attain.

A huge benefit of Hogan assessments is that, based on sophisticated data modelling, they can give a combined view of personality and performance both from your point of view and how others are scientifically proven to be most likely to respond to you, without the need to gather input from third parties.

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