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The Secret to Successful Team Building: The Key Element You're Missing

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

There are many blogs on team building, and they will all probably tell you about how team building is a crucial aspect of organisational development that helps to foster stronger relationships and supports the journey to high performance. They will probably then talk about how engaging in team building activities can help team members learn to work together more effectively, build trust, and enhance their communication skills. Indeed, this is all true and the benefits have been listed many times (just in case you haven’t seen the benefits before, I’ve listed some below).

Team building can:

Improve Communication:

Team building activities help team members to communicate more effectively, breaking down barriers and promoting open communication. This can lead to better collaboration and decision making within the team.

Build Trust:

Increase Engagement:

Develop Leadership Skills:

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills:

Now you’re probably reading this and thinking ‘yep that all sounds obvious'. However, there is a missing ingredient that can super charge the team building process. Imagine if prior to the team building programme, you and your team were armed with important insights such as:

  • understanding the way each member views and interacts with the world.

  • knowing each members natural talents and how these affect their communication styles.

  • knowing who is naturally talented at problem solving, and who is great keep the team on track and motivated.

'Imagine having a blueprint about your team, the results would be incredible!'

It probably sounds too good to be true. Well, it isn’t when you combine the Gallup Strengths coaching process with effective team building initiatives. There is an abundance of research about the power of Strengths, indeed you may have seen the stats about it improving engagement by up to 6 times* and that it could help your teams be 8 times* more productive.

There’s no doubt that team building is a crucial aspect of organisational development. It can help to foster stronger relationships and improve performance among team members, and by investing in team building activities, organisations can create a positive and supportive work environment that promotes well-being, engagement, and collaboration. However, add in Strengths and it can be so much more powerful.

If you like to know more about True North Development’s range of Gallup-Strengths based services, including high performance team building, click here.

Based on Gallup research.

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