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With a wealth of experience in operations, organisational development, coaching and training, gained from both commercial and military environments, our consultants have a proven track record of helping people and businesses prevail in their pursuit of success. 

Consultancy and Training

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Development is all about improvement - the quest to be better at something, to be intentionally excellent.


At True North Development we believe there are 3 fundamental elements that, when combined, lead to intentional excellence (a state of high performance). To enter this state you need to:

Discover - this could be about new knowledge and skills, but we also know that this is best done through the lens of your Strengths. Knowing what drives you and what you are naturally good at helps shape the best learning. This step is about self-discovery and awareness. Learning through your own lens is far more powerful than anyone else's and sets you up for real success when it comes to application.

Apply - Often, this is missed or done too artificially to reap the benefits. In this phase it is important to create a challenging, stimulating and psychologically safe environment in which knowledge and skills can be applied, creating a real sense of reward, accomplishment and appreciation of natural talents. This increases confidence and resilience and leads to more long-term results. When teams develop in this way together, they enjoy a shared framework and language which they can protect once they leave the training environment.

Prevail - in our solutions we help you safeguard the learning and remove interferences that might stop you being able to use your new-found skills post training. We go further than basic action plans and talk instead about strategies for success and positive habit formation.

The True Performance Model   

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"Stop staring at mountains.
Climb them instead.
Yes, it's a harder process., but it will lead you to a better view."


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High Performing Teams

The military relies on its people to operate effectively as a unified team. With over 20 years of military training, plus a wealth of business experience, our experts can help you create the high performing teams that you need in order to succeed. 

Learning and Development Strategy

From training needs analysis, developing training strategies through to bespoke training design, our qualified team of experts can help you with your learning and development needs. 

Process Improvement 

The pursuit of excellence requires the relentless desire to improve, the doggedness to search out the 1% incremental gains that lead to success. Our Lean Six Sigma qualified experts can help you in this pursuit.  We can also assist with ISO9001 audit preparation having managed this process in other organisations.

Leadership and Management Training 

With a wealth of experience delivering leadership and management training in both military and commercial environments, our experts are best placed to help you with your leadership and Management aspirations. Covering subjects such as, Coaching for managers, effective time management, influencing and persuading, conflict management, creative thinking, managing change. We tailor all our solutions to meet the need and bespoke the training to your organisation.

Talent Management

Do you know who your rising stars are, are you unsure how to retain top talent whilst nurturing the stars of the future? Our experts can help. From working with you to develop your talent develop strategy through to coaching for intentional excellence, our team have the skills to help you create a sustainable source of talent.


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What People Say About Us


Dan Spencer, Director of Safer Gambling 

Since joining EPIC I have worked closely with Pete and Caty on the design of market-leading Safer Gambling training. As L&D professionals, they always listen to the voice of the customer and work hard to discover the real training needs before then applying their wealth of knowledge and experience in the design phase. They work collaboratively with clients in an agile, open and honest way and are driven to deliver products that are nuanced to the audience, but that really deliver impact in a way that can change lives.


As part of our innovation team, they are never afraid to try out new ideas, balancing this with practicality and accessibility. I have always believed that they truly put lived experience of gambling-related harm at the heart of all we do at EPIC, and are driven to make a real difference.

I recommend both Pete and Caty as learning professionals for their knowledge, attention to detail, stakeholder management and their outcome-driven, practical approach that leads to impactful results.